Penta 2009 Cultural Summer Camp Experience

Join us in Taiwan this summer for new experiences, challenging encounters and extreme fun! Penta International Education Institute, a leader and expert in summer camps along with China Times---the largest newspaper in Taiwan, Chang Gung University, and Taiwan Outdoor Education Association jointly offer this unique program to students around the world.

The camp offers young people a unique opportunity to meet, share and explore the Chinese language, culture and outdoor adventures in Taiwan. This is a precious experience of a lifetime, which shall not be missed!

The island of Taiwan is located at the southeast coast of China. Taiwan is an extraordinary country with lots to offer overseas young people who wish to learn about the beautiful Chinese language (Mandarin) in an environment enriched with Chinese art, history and culture.

Program Description:

  1. Students are placed in appropriate levels following a Mandarin proficiency test on the first day of the session. No Chinese language foundation is acceptable.
  2. Class sizes range from 12-20, with an average class size of 14-15 students.
  3. The course contents are enriched with a variety of themed language activities and the applications of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  4. The program gives students opportunities to interact with their peers through the joy of learning Mandarin.
  5. Fully integrated with Taiwanese students in outdoor and extracurricular activities in order to undertaking cultural exchange and developing international friendship.
Students will receive a graduation certificate indicating the Mandarin level they have achieved upon the completion of the program.


Students learn to improve their interpersonal skills through social interactions, experience sharing and personal growth.  Activities include: water safety education, swimming, canoeing, rock-climbing, rappelling, bush walking, campfire parties & musical performances.


Camp Setting and Accommodation:

<Chung Gung University>
Chung Gung University is a prominent private university in Taiwan with outstanding academic performance in recent years.  The university neighbors on the National College of Physical Education and Sports, with a sea of green trees and awesome scenery.  The campus is divided into three major zones namely, research, outdoor activity and green leisure areas.  Students here are lucky to enjoy a free educational culture.  The dorms are supervised 24-hours a day, and girls and boys live in separate blocks.  Each room takes up to four students.  All rooms offer natural air circulation, safety and comfort.

<Daily Care>

  1. Parents can be assured that students are taken care of and well-looked after as our counselor/student ratio is 1:7.
  2. Professional nutritionists of Chung Gung University carefully design nutritional and delicious meals for students.  Meals are served four times daily and students are able to enjoy a variety of gourmet food to the fullest
  3. On-site medical staff offers students immediate services.
We are in contact with Chung Gung Memorial Hospital 24-hours a day to provide our students with the best care

<Cultural Tours>

Students will visit the Taipei 101, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, I-Lan, International Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival, Lungshan Temple, Shimen Ting, which are some of the best cultural highlights in Taiwan.

Cost includes:
▲ Registration fee ▲ Course materials ▲ Accommodation ▲ Meals
▲ Medical insurance ▲ Activities and entrance fees
▲ Transportation ▲ Limited airport transfer ▲ Graduation Certificate

Age: 15+

Start Date:
First Round-

Second Round-

Third Round –

Please contact:  for registration

Program Office:   No.92, Ln.16, Sec.3, Kangning  Rd., Neihu Dist., 
                         Taipei City 114, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-2630-8898